25. Mai 2022 — unter Victor Bauters, Pauline Van Daele & Simon Verstraete

Top 7 most common myths about CPQ software - Myth vs. Reality

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software simplifies the sales process for manufacturers by making it easy to configure complex products, calculate the correct price, and generate a quote. Working with a C...

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27. April 2022 — unter Frederik Taleman

The war for talent: How to protect your company from the talent gap and the great resignation?

The war for talent rages on. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are not only dealing with a talent gap, or a lack of skills in the workforce, but also with the great resignation, making people ret...

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22. April 2022 — unter Aude Tallon

Welcome to Hive, Anna!

The Hive team is welcoming someone new once again! We’re so happy to announce that Anna is joining us on the marketing team as visual designer.

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28. März 2022 — unter Vera Vingerhoets

Time is money: the importance of time efficiency

“Time is money”, the famous words from Benjamin Franklin prove that time efficiency was even in 1748 a trending topic. Today, the pressure is higher than ever to not waste any time, which has in turn...

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22. März 2022 — unter Aude Tallon

Welcome to Hive, Simon and Victor!

Our Hive team keeps growing! We’re very happy to welcome Simon and Victor to our team as interns on sales and marketing.

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