Major leap in efficiency

One of the major gains is the efficiency optimisation that is made. With Hive you offer your reseller network to make quotations for your products in an independent way.

Major leap in efficiency

Product details on the spot

Your distributors no longer have to email or call the office to get price and product information. They find it in a fast and easy way, with Hive.

Product details on the spot

Speed up your sales flow

The distributor no longer loses time waiting for answers. Your back office will see a drastic decrease of ‘simple’ incoming questions, freeing up space for more complex requests and tasks.

Speed up your sales flow

Customer binding

The implementation of Hive does not lower the ‘personal’ contact with your distributors. In reality, the opposite is true. Answer basic questions using a software tool and let your product specialists support your customers with the more difficult projects.

Your customers will use Hive in their day-to-day operations to calculate prices, make quotations and order from you online. It will be hard for them to go back to the ‘old days’ where such tool is not available.

Seamless order intake

Hive makes sure each order that comes in is complete and validated. This fact alone simplifies the order process in a drastic way.

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Seamless order intake
Olivier Coune
Business strategist
Making a well designed B2B Commerce platform part of your company's strategy will stimulate growth. It will delight customers and support your team and operations.

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5 distributors
2 languages
100 products
40 users


100 distributors
5 languages
1000 products
300 users


100+ distributors
1000+ products

included in all packages

  • Cloud based
  • Top level security
  • CRM/ERP integration
  • Continues updates
  • 3D rendering
  • Daily backups
  • Dynamic quotation templates
  • Support
  • Multilingual
  • Multi currency
  • Project collaboration
  • API

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