Scale your business, build your dealer network

From first-hand experience we have noticed that managing distributors is not an easy task. Selling through distributors involves an extra layer of complexity, and therefore demands a different sales strategy and different tools. However, finding the right tool is not always easy.

We have summarized the must-haves for a good dealer management tool for you! As an extra, we have also bundled our best tips to manage your distributors better. Download our whitepaper now, and start building your dealer network!

Topics covered

Our whitepaper gives you the insights you need to improve and better understand distributor management. The following topics will be covered:
  • The importance of distributor management
  • Let the right platform help you
  • Insights in distributor’s performances
  • Collaborative tool
  • Communicating through the platform
  • A digital experience on a user-friendly platform
  • Improvement in scalability
  • Supporting complex pricing and discount management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Tips for distributor management

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