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In 2003, our founder and CEO Frederik Taleman was a 20-year old computer science student, occasionally helping out his father with his job. His father, a salesman at a door manufacturer, spent a lot of time calculating the right prices and creating quotations. Frederik knew he could digitize and simplify this process.

Without being aware of the concept of CPQ, he created his first program, determining prices and generating quotations in a much more effective way. The efficiency boost at his father’s door company was incredible. Frederik believed other companies could benefit from this CPQ solution the same way. And HiveCPQ was born!

Foundation and beginnings

HiveCPQ was founded in 2016 by Frederik Taleman. His talent has allowed the company to focus on the innovativity and simplicity of CPQ systems. His goal? Making it easy to understand, manufacture, and sell the most complex products. That is why Hive is fixated on handling complicated tasks while keeping everything user-friendly.

Frederik sticks to his values and uses them to inspire the company. His main priority is customer satisfaction and trust, so he stresses the importance of honesty and efficiency.


Today we can look back on some amazing experiences with our customers all over the world. We are proud to say we have been able to help them simplify their sales process. We keep improving ourselves to provide the best possible CPQ solution. We look forward to working together with you, increasing the efficiency of your company. Join Hive, and let’s grow together!

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