About cpq

What is CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote and allows you to outperform competitors by offering your solutions faster and better. Distribute good-looking templates and stay in control of accurate product information in quotations.


Configure Price Quote (CPQ) describes any software that aids companies selling their complex products and/or services that can be modified according to the customer’s wishes.

It is mainly useful in the process leading up to generating a quotation. Using CPQ software will help your company configure complicated product offerings, calculate prices in a correct way, and create accurate and attractive quotations based on that information.

Configure: describes the process of selecting and combining product and service options to create a configured product. Our CPQ solution adjusts to any product rules or constraints, e.g. manufacturing or packaging restrictions, marketing decisions or functional limitations.

Price: covers the calculation of the accurate price for the configured product, taking economic benefits, manufacturing costs or the competitor’s pricing into account.

Quote: describes the creation of a document that defines the requested products and services and their prices.

Beyond CPQ: Allow customers to join the process

Our software goes beyond a regular CPQ system. We allow your customers to join the process, making our software a CCPQ (Collaborative Configure Price Quote).

Our system is designed to improve the relationship with your distributor network. Hive can still be used as a classical CPQ system, but it unleashes its true powers when distributors and customers are given access to the software.

Faster decision taking

Strike while the iron is hot! Allowing your distributors to configure and calculate pricing for your products on the spot, drastically reduces the time span of the sales lifecycle. This will get you to close more sales, as fast responses to quotation requests allow fast decision-making.

Really digital

Using CPQ, you can make real digital quotations. Instead of printable documents, we offer you an interactive system that is ready to be automatically processed. Each quotation can be explored, tracked, commented on and ordered by the customer online.