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HiveCPQ is now locally available in China!

HiveCPQ simplifies international B2B e-commerce even further now: our platform is running in China! It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, working its way up to the number 1 spot. China, known as a manufacturing hub, is therefore an interesting place for B2B players around the globe to target.

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April 06, 2021 Written by
Frederik Taleman

However, entering the Chinese market is easier said than done. From the technical side, there are certain restrictions on the Chinese internet that must be respected, making this country a lot harder to serve than others. Besides this technical aspect, it requires a review of your business model, your way of working, and most definitely your software systems. One example is the poor performance of websites and applications that are being hosted from outside of the country: they are accessible, but hardly usable. Giving local websites a head start.

With the release of Hive China, we take away that barrier for our customers. The application is being hosted from within the country taking into account local restrictions. In this way we can guarantee excellent performance and great customer experience. HiveCPQ is fully available in Mandarin. This means our e-commerce system is all set for your expansion to China!

In case your company is interested in entering the Chinese market, the Hive team has already taken away one of the biggest obstacles for you. We look forward to hearing what your plans and ambitions are and how Hive China can help you reach your next goal!

We would like to hear your story!

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