Frederik Taleman

Founder of Hive CPQ. Passionate about ‘smart’ software for businesses, increasing efficiency and eventually driving growth.
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Vlado Tešanović

Taking Hive CPQ to the next level! I am part of this project from day 1 and enjoy making our solution better every day.
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Stijn De Mulder

Technical Teamlead
Handling the tech stuff. Making improvements every day and having fun pushing the limit.
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Stijn Maenhaut

UX and UI specialist and marketeer
I am a digital design addict: eat, sleep, design, repeat. I can amplify my skills at Hive to the fullest. Buzzing!
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Bojan Ognjenovic

Test and support engineer
Meticulous by nature, making sure nothing passes by me without validating first. Bugs, be aware!
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Milan Brčkalo

Frontend Developer
My goal is to build a simple and functional user interface for Hive. Always open for suggestions and challenges!
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Jo Goossens

Server engineer
I set up and maintain the secure and blistering fast server infrastructure for Hive CPQ.
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Jovana Stevanovic

Configurator programmer
My adventurous spirit has brought me to become a part of the Hive CPQ team. Always up for a challenge!
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Olivier Coune

Investor & Advisor