We need a few details

How long does it take to create a quotation in your backoffice?

30 minutes

On average, how many quotations do you make per week per distributor?

5 quotations

How long does it take to create an order in your backoffice?

45 minutes

On average, how many orders do you receive per week per distributor?

1 order

How many distributors are connected to your company?

20 distributors

Which means...

The current total workload for 1 week  hours
FTEs per week
Considering a 38 hour working week
FTEs per year
Considering 220 working days per year
In case all of the sales are done through distributors.

... and that's where Hive comes into play

With HiveCPQ, distributors can create their own quotes, based on all the possible configurations (and validations) you have provided.

This means that you can save up to FTEs per year!

You're welcome!