Automated testing with Katalon February 12, 2018  — by Frederik Taleman

Automated testing with Katalon

As our software evolves rapidly, it is key to make sure everything remains stable and operational.

At HiveCPQ we have setup a modern automated test environment. With over 500 automated tests we automatically test our application in development, staging and production. The number of tests grows week after week.

With our work on automated testing, we even made it to the home page of the Katalon website!

Katalon is a tool that simulates users using our application from the web browser. During the running of the test you can actually see Katalon simulating a real user and testing for certain values and responses.

The use of Katalon alows us to detect issues before users detect them. The test process is run automatically 3 times a day.

Big thumbs up to Bojan, our support and test engineer! Keep it up! ;)