CPQ: let's see if it is something for you October 21, 2020  — by Frederik Taleman

CPQ: let's see if it is something for you

Are you looking into a CPQ solution and would you like some help figuring out the possibilities and the right approach for your company? Are you wondering how a CPQ platform would fit into your digital landscape? You might have a lot of questions before deciding what software will help your company to reach its goals.

Let our CPQ Scan help you out and answer your questions for you! Just like you are the expert in your field, we have a team of specialists willing to share their knowledge and experience in their field.

We offer CPQ scans to help you pick the right tools to reach your goals. During the CPQ Scan we will make an inventory of your company’s needs and work out a blueprint on how CPQ fits those needs, and how exactly it will integrate into your IT landscape. The scan will give insights in how CPQ will optimize the performance in different business units. We will map your current situation and share our ideas for a CPQ strategy.

We do our utmost to make the analysis independently from our own CPQ solution. Because in the end, we do not want to implement HiveCPQ if it is not the right choice for you.
What exactly can you expect from our CPQ Scan?

- A complete analysis of your existing tech environment and how it can be complemented with a CPQ.
- An inventory of your products and a clear strategy of how you can offer them through a CPQ solution.
- A study of the need for additional services such as PIM, WMS, CAD…
- A cost estimation and an estimation of how much time and money you could be saving.
- A clear strategy in the form of a roadmap: What are the first steps you will need to take moving forward?

We look forward to helping you grow. You know the situation; we know the solution.

Are you interested in a CPQ scan? Request your quote here!