How CPQ Fits Into the New Normal for B2B Sales August 25, 2020  — by Frederik Taleman

How CPQ Fits Into the New Normal for B2B Sales

COVID-19 has left nothing unaffected. While the pandemic is lasting a lot longer than we all thought/hoped, it is important to identify the ways it has impacted us. In this short article, we will briefly discuss how B2B sales have been redefined since the start of the outbreak, and how CPQ can answer the (new) needs.

COVID-19 has since its outbreak in the beginning of 2020, forced us to reinvent our habits and practises. Quarantining, lockdowns and travel restrictions have all driven us to use digital alternatives in a new, remote world. Sales representatives had to find a different way of communicating their traditional sales processes: Almost 90% of sales had moved to a videoconferencing (VC)/phone/web sales model (McKinsey, 2020). The effectiveness of remote selling is up for debate, though more than half believe it is equally or more effective than the traditional sales models. Now that we have been dealing with the pandemic for a couple of months, it is clear that the sales business won’t be like it was before. We are slowly entering a new kind of normal. COVID-19 has accelerated previous trends like the consumerization of B2B, tech-enabled selling and e-commerce. How can companies adapt to this new environment? It is important to look at your customers’ changed needs. During the pandemic, they experienced the efficiency of self-service tools. A fast digital service for your customers has been proven to be indispensable. However, make sure to tackle the biggest buyer frustrations too: a long ordering process and the difficulty of finding products will drive your customers away. Optimize your e-commerce platform while making sure you offer flexibility to help your customers. And this is exactly where HiveCPQ can come into play. Our CPQ software offers you a direct channel for your customers to configure their own products in a self-serving instrument. They have immediate access to the right prices and price differences, and they have the option to download good-looking quotes within seconds. HiveCPQ lets them order, track the status and contact the customer service all in one platform. HiveCPQ tackles some of the most important challenges B2B sales are facing after the COVID-19 pandemic: digitalization, e-commerce, automation and self-serving tools for customers. Now more than ever, we need a CPQ system for our industry.If you feel ready to go further, protecting both your customers and employees, and improving your efficiency, contact us!