Our Intern Shares Her Experience! January 29, 2021  — by Aude Tallon

Our Intern Shares Her Experience!

Hello! My name is Aude, I’m from Lyon and it has been six months since my first day at HiveCPQ. Doing an internship is currently quite an exceptional experience. So let me share it with you!

Have you ever done an internship? How many companies actually gave you the chance to really learn something? HiveCPQ is definitely one of them. Before joining the team in August, I had never heard about CPQs and their huge potential. I had no connection to the manufacturing industry and its issues, so naturally it felt like an obscure topic for me. And I had no idea what it means to work in an office and within a team, rather than sitting alone in class and listening to a teacher.

And believe me, the difference is huge, especially today.

I used to have no experience in HR, apart from a few theoretical courses. During this internship, I had the chance to learn more things than ever before. I managed to implement the full HR process at Hive, despite the lockdown and the remote work, with the great help of a skilled professional named Steve. I worked on marketing, on sales, but I also managed projects, and all of this gave me a real overview of how a company works and evolves, and why our solution is so important for enterprises.

In the middle of this internship, we also faced the second wave of Covid-19. Of course these times are not easy for anyone, but students are psychologically the most impacted. This is when we realized the importance of being part of a team, of seeing people smile on your screen every week, of feeling their support every day.

Being part of a company today doesn’t only mean learning a job, it means living a human experience. Without the Hive team, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the fascinating Flemish culture (Do you know the Shire in Lord of the Rings? It is real!), lived many experiences, and met fantastic people. It just shows that, in a digitized world, where personal meetings and events are no longer possible, we can still enjoy human contact thanks to the right tools, used by the right people.

I want to thank so many people, including Pauline, Frederik, Ruben. I don’t have enough room to write everyone’s names, but I would like to thank all the developers, CPQ solution engineers, marketing and customer relationship people, who all taught me so many things and who all made this internship such a success!

See you soon, Hive!