Welcome to Hive, Anna! April 22, 2022  — by Aude Tallon

Welcome to Hive, Anna!

The Hive team is welcoming someone new once again! We’re so happy to announce that Anna is joining us on the marketing team as visual designer.

Anna is a visual designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she graduated from the Academy of Art and Design. She further explored her talents in new media at the University of Cincinnati, U.S.A., and then proceeded to work as an art teacher and a web designer. The past couple of years she’s been focusing on motion design. She loves seeing a still image come alive!

Her interests in design brought her to Belgium, more specifically to the Karel de Grote Hogeschool where she’s currently finishing her master’s degree in Visual Arts.

In her free time, Anna enjoys drawing by hand, and collecting minerals, fossils, and stones. The coolest thing she’s ever found was a trilobite in the forest, a 50000-year-old fossil. It was an amazing experience to hold something so special in her hands!

Some quick-fire questions:

  • Summer or Winter?

Definitely summer!

  • Morning person or night owl?

Morning person

  • iOS or Android?

It depends.

What do you think of Hive so far?

“The first thing I noticed at Hive is the sense of unity. Everyone is ready to help. Some team members have a lot of experience, while others are at their first job, but everyone shares the same values. Everybody here is ambitious and dedicated; it’s awesome to work in a team like this one!”


Welcome to Hive, Anna!

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