Welcome to the Hive, Indra! August 12, 2021  — by Frederik Taleman

Welcome to the Hive, Indra!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Indra to our team this month! After his successful four-month internship, we decided to keep this bee in our hive a little longer.

Indra is joining our developers team. He will mainly be taking care of the front-end and some of the back-end. As a techie, he’s always tinkering around with technology at home. That’s why most of his stuff ends up breaking sooner than expected. Oops :) He also loves anything sci-fi. He has loved the genre since his dad showed him Star Trek as a kid.

He graduated from college this summer and is happy to start his first work experience at Hive!

“I feel so comfortable at Hive. The amount of support I got during my internship and during my first weeks as a full-time employee has been simply amazing! There are so many opportunities for me to learn at Hive, and I look forward to gaining a lot of experience.”

Quick-fire questions:
- Summer or winter?
- Morning person or night owl?
Night owl
- iOs or Android?

Welcome to Hive, Indra!