What is the estimated shipping time for a product? August 18, 2019  — by Frederik Taleman

What is the estimated shipping time for a product?

To know when certain products will be shipped is often a challenging question, causing inefficient phone calls and back and forth emailing.

Increase your customer relationship with HiveCPQ’s new feature 'Shipping Schedules', which can be activated by any manufacturer.

HiveCPQ will display an estimated shipping time, based on the complex configurations, at any stage.

Optionally, manufacturers can display an overview of different shipping schedules per product (categories). A shipping schedule can be “Week 35” or “Upon request”.

Overview of shipping schedules

You will get all your shipping information gathered in your project start page, while placing an order:

Estimated shipping time, displayed on project overview

If you have any question on how to activate this nice feature, feel free to contact us at hello[at]hivecpq.com