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Recap of the new features on Hive CPQ in 2023

As we step into 2024, we’re excited to share the top new features we added to Hive CPQ in the past year. This year our focus has been on enhancing your configuration and quoting journey with updates to our Hive Design Studio, UX/UI improvements, and specific customer developments. Let’s dive right in: Here are the top features on Hive CPQ in 2023!

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Updates to our design studio

In 2022, we first introduced the Hive Design Studio, an interactive and easy way for customers to create their own configurators in a low-code environment. This past year we added several features that greatly improve the experience of new and experienced configurator wizards! 

  • Issues Overview: Quickly identify problems in your configurator logic: broken variables, missing components, circular dependencies, unused variables. Read more >
Image 53
  • Node dependency information: Want to delete a node? Make an easy check to see where it’s being used, and which settings might stop working without the node. Read more >
Node dependency information
  • Click, scroll, and highlight: Get an instant view of which nodes a variable is using. This is especially relevant when you’re using multiple nodes with the same component name. Simply click the node label to scroll to the place(s) where it’s being used. Read more >
Image 20231228 152713
  • Excel interaction with Design Studio: Add Excel sheets to the configurator to use it as a data source for your logic. Sheets can be imported and exported in the Design Studio. Read more >
Excel interaction
  • Configurator snapshots: Save backups of your Design Studio setup. Easily switch between versions and add comments to remember what you changed. Read more >
  • New node types:
    • File upload: Allow images, pdfs, documents, and more to be uploaded.
    • Sub-configurator: Reuse existing configurators within another configurator. This helps to reduce maintenance, by having one central configurator where you set up the logic.
    • Messages: Display static or dynamic messages to configurator users. 
    • Row: Place nodes next to each other.
New node types r ow
  • Price settings: Per request by one of our customers, we expanded the pricing possibilities in the Hive Design Studio. Discover all information about pricing in Hive CPQ here.
    • Pricing breakdown: Show different prices, such as list price and purchase price.
    • Displayed price in the configurator: Set up which price you would like to show for each node in the configurator (e.g., list price instead of sales price).
    • Quick price edits: Allow configurator users to edit prices and add discounts or markups. Set a maximum percentage for the total discount and easily restore to the calculated value by clicking the percentage icons.
Image 20231229 142524

UX/UI improvements

  • Configurator wizard: The configurator wizard guides you through your configuration by showing issues and highlighting changes activated by user actions. This makes it easier for users to identify and solve incorrect configurations. Read more >
    • Changes assistance: An optional configurator wizard enhancement that gives configurator users an overview of automatic changes happening based on their choices. Additionally, they can choose to revert each change. 
Image 20231229 142819
  • Configurator UI upgrade: Customize the look of your configurator with: Read more >
    • Shadows to the configurator’s elements
    • Vertical steps
    • Larger images for toggle buttons and selectors
    • Default configurator panel width
    • Slider
Configurator UI upgrade

In 2024, we'll continue working on our configurator UI, so stay tuned!

Customer developments

We implemented a lot of features this year that were based on customers’ requests. A highlight of 2023 was the way we bundled the most popular requests into our first backing programs. They were successfully launched and implemented:

  • Subdistributors: Allow distributors of your distributors – what we call ‘subdistributors’ – to create configurations, quotes, and orders in Hive CPQ. These projects are clearly indicated in the UI and get additional steps in the order process to help manage them. Subdistributors will only see information that is intended for them, e.g., only the subdistributor purchase price instead of the regular purchase price.
    This gives manufacturers a better overview of their network and more ways to manage purchase discounts. Discover more information about the subdistributors feature here and here.
  • Branding: Add your own branding to the Hive CPQ platform. Change colors, add your logo, switch to a top menu, brand the contextual menu, or add a new font. When combined with two other new features we launched in 2023, the branding module reaches its full potential:
    • Single Sign-On: Allows you to log in with your company brand account, eliminating the need for the Hive CPQ login screen. Read more >
    • Custom domain: Customize the URL to go to Hive CPQ. Instead of going to app.hivecpq.com, use a custom domain, e.g., configurator.manufacturer.com. Read more >
Branding portademo 2


What will the new year bring? 

  • More configurator UI updates
  • Faster Hive CPQ performance
  • More design Studio enhancements
  • Iterations to the sub configurators
  • Improvements to the BOM features
  • Overhaul of our dashboard

And much more! Keep an eye out on our website and our blog to not miss out on anything new this year.

Questions about our new features? 

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