Welcome to the Hive, Vera!

Hive continues to grow in 2021! We have had the pleasure of welcoming Vera to our team last month.

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April 09, 2021 geschrieben durch

Meet our new bee: Vera

Vera is our expert in digital transformation. She started her career as an ESD design engineer. She grew to become a member of the business team at Sofics, where she loved building relationships with customers on a worldwide scale. After that Vera started in the fast-moving domain of digital transformation, which implies the “best of both worlds” for her: she uses her technical knowhow to advise customers about the investment in digitalization.

Vera’s home is cozy, but busy: besides her three children and boyfriend, she also recently got a small labrador pup. She cherishes the time she spends with her family. On vacation you’ll most likely see her on her skis: she believes there’s nothing as fun as descending a mountain while skiing under a bright blue sky.

Hive is a company with a very pleasant atmosphere! Everybody is driven and enthusiastic. I am very happy I get to be part of this family.

Quick-fire questions for Vera

  • Summer or winter?
    The wintertime is so cosy! I love the feeling of sitting in a warm home while the outside is covered in snow.
  • Morning person or night owl?
    Morning person
  • iOs or Android?

Welcome to Hive, Vera!

Want to join our ambitious team?

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