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Recap of the new features on Hive CPQ in 2022

Another year has gone by! While we’re settling into the new year, we’re taking one final look back on 2022 today. How did our Configure Price Quote solution change in the past year? What new features did we implement to improve our solution? Let’s take a look at how our product evolved in 2022.

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Hive continued growing in 2022

2022 was the year in which Hive continued growing. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team, we were able to improve our software with new features and developments and to take on and implement new projects with brand-new customers. To support our growth, we expanded our team with project engineers, a project manager, a customer success team and an integration specialist.

Take a look at our 2022 in numbers.

It's incredible to see our company evolve the way we did the past year. We believe that the developments we made on the Hive CPQ software were at the core of our growth. Let’s see why these new features are so ‘Hive-changing’.

Introducing the Hive 2.0 version

Our dev team has been working hard on one of the biggest updates to date: Hive 2.0. This new version introduces a new, improved and smoother way of working on the Hive Configure Price Quote platform.

What is Hive 2.0?

Hive 2.0 opens new opportunities for users to work more easily and independently with the Hive application. We have rethought and rebuilt both the building blocks of a configurator and the user experience of CPQ. What can you expect from this improved way of working?

  • An improvement in the user experience and user interface of the configurator. Product configurators will be easier to use and more straightforward for both your sales teams and your distributors. Think: the UI/UX of the experience configurator inside your Hive environment.
  • Highly complex configurators will now seem a lot easier and more user-friendly.
  • Customers can now build and maintain their own configurators with ease in the Hive admin section. The building blocks have been made extremely user-friendly so even people who lack knowledge of IT know how to work with it.
  • The configurator models will be much easier to integrate with your chosen PIM or PLM system.

Below you'll find a sneak peek of our Hive 2.0 platform! We are happy to announce that some of our customers will be going live very soon with their CPQ on this new version. Stay tuned!

Exp Config view in B2 B Hive 2 0 Skylux outdoor

New, improved view of the configurator in the Hive CPQ platform

User experience improvements

We have also been working on the improvement of the current user experience on our software. In 2022,

  • We have upgraded the project page
  • And we have added some interactive help solutions to the configurator.

The Hive design studio

Brand-new in Hive CPQ since 2022: the design studio! This module was created as a crucial part of our 2.0 configurator. It allows our customers to easily create their own configurators in a low-code user-friendly environment. By using different parameters as so-called components and by defining their rules and behavior, users can quickly build a product configurator without needing help from IT or from Hive.

The design studio also makes it easier to maintain configurators and to import or export them. With this, we also implemented a new process to bring changes from the testing to the production environment in a smoother way. After a lot of testing and multiple cycles of improvement, we are happy to introduce the Hive design studio to our customers!

Hive Design Studio blurred svg

The Hive design studio for building and maintaining configurators

Quality module

At the request of one of our customers, we have implemented a quality module in Hive. This feature allows distributors to send in customer feedback with ease. The feedback, often a warranty or return request, can immediately be linked to the correct order, product configuration, and article codes in our software. Distributors can also add attachments if needed to complete their request. With this new quality module, managing customer complaints or return requests has become easier than ever!

More standard integrations

Integrations are a crucial part of every CPQ project. In 2021, we had already started working on building some standard integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. In 2022, we took these integrations to the next level, optimizing our out-of-the-box modules to connect the Hive software to other platforms.

We also implemented a brand-new Zoho CRM integration and have laid the foundation for a standard connector with Microsoft Finance & Operations. We look forward to building more standard integrations in the coming year!


These new features in Hive CPQ have given us the opportunity to optimize the user experience on our software and to help our company grow. With 8 new team members aboard and with lots of exciting projects ahead, we are looking forward to providing you with the best possible CPQ software and the greatest customer service. We’re ready for a buzzing 2023, are you? 

Questions about our new features? 

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