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What if… You make your quotations using HiveCPQ?

HiveCPQ is the next generation quotation tool. Why? We take the quotation process out of your current CRM or ERP environment. Quotations can be made by any stakeholder (Sales, backoffice, engineering and your customers). The user interface is fast, clean and simple. HiveCPQ speeds up the quotation process. HiveCPQ supports complex products and pricing, but manages to hide the complexity to the users.

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Frederik Taleman

Quotations in Hive

The result? Backoffice and sales managers make more quotations with a higher closing rate. More quotations, because everyone can do it in a fast and easy way. The improvement of the closing rate is the result of a swift sales process combined with high quality, good looking quotations. With Hive we turn your sales process into a marketing channel. Hive quotations look nice and they contain all features and benefits of the products, technical specifications and good looking tailor-made visualizations.

We see increases in the volume of quotations ranging from 30% to 400% after an implementation of HiveCPQ. This, combined with improved closing rates, results in increased sales!

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