Welcome to the Hive, Indra!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Indra to our team this month! After his successful four-month internship, we decided to keep this bee in our hive a little longer.

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August 12, 2021 geschrieben durch

Meet our new Bee: Indra

Indra is joining our developers team. He will mainly be taking care of the front-end and some of the back-end. As a techie, he’s always tinkering around with technology at home. That’s why most of his stuff ends up breaking sooner than expected. Oops :) He also loves anything sci-fi. He has loved the genre since his dad showed him Star Trek as a kid. 

He graduated from college this summer and is happy to start his first work experience at Hive!

Ik voel me echt thuis bij Hive. De steun die ik kreeg tijdens mijn stage en tijdens mijn eerste weken als voltijdse werknemer is gewoonweg fantastisch! Er zijn zoveel kansen voor mij om te leren bij Hive, en ik kan niet wachten om hier ervaring op te doen.

Some quick-fire questions for Indra

  • Summer or Winter?
  • Morning person or night owl?
    Night owl
  • iOS or Android?

Welcome to Hive, Indra!

Want to join our ambitious team?

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