The next generation CPQ for medium and large enterprises

Hive goes beyond the CPQ solution you know. Our software facilitates your sales process from A to Z, from configuration to production and to customer service.


Manage your product and business rules easily in our extensive tool. Configure complex products and use our guided selling options, interactive 3D models and visualizations to simplify the configuration for your customers. Our engine immediately validates every step based on your product rules.

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Hive immediately sets the accurate price based on different price lists and takes additional factors like region, quantity, discounts, customer group and more into account. Don’t waste time on calculating prices manually, Hive does it all for you.


Generate impressive, customized and error-free quotes in a matter of minutes with HiveCPQ. Get your marketing teams involved to brand your quotes to create brand awareness even at your distributor’s customers. Boost the volume of quotes up to 400% (!) and enjoy increased closing rates.


Enjoy an automated order intake in HiveCPQ. Our platform will send the validated information to your ERP, CRM, CAD or other systems seamlessly.


Time to start producing! Experience a production process that is frictionless and able to send data to multiple software systems seamlessly. Your teams and your customers are able to track the order status any time on HiveCPQ.

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HiveCPQ doesnt stop at creating a streamlined sales process for you. Our platform is also equipped with a unique spare parts system. Using exploded views of your products, your customers and your teams will be able to easily identify and re-order spare parts based on their product serial number. So Hive is even beneficial in customer service!

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Thumbs up for efficiency!

  • Organized product management
  • Error-free quotes and automated order intake
  • A future-proof digital solution for your employees and your customers
  • A unique customer experience when it comes to quotes, orders and spare parts
  • Online follow-up and status tracking of all orders
  • Beat your competitors, win the race!

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Doing business worldwide? So is Hive!

HiveCPQ helps you grow! Stay ahead of your competitors and invest in a solid eCommerce tool now.

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How much time could you save using HiveCPQ?

Using our product configurator takes an enormous weight off of your back office’s shoulders:

  • No more emails or phone calls back and forth for days
  • No more hours spent to create good-looking quotes
  • No more impatient customers

Within just a few minutes you can create products and quotations and place your order! We can save your company a lot of time (and money), but how much exactly?

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Joaquim Mafra CEO at Movimenta The tools created by the people behind Hive make our job less hard, less complicated and more effective (lowering costs and increasing results). Congratulations on the fantastic job! see how Hive can work for your company ›
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