Product configurator

We have built our configurator based on years of experiments and experiences. We have learned that a configurator should be flexible and easy to maintain.

That is why we built our Hive configurator in a smart way, keeping things simple while solving complex problems.

The Hive product configurator is

  • Fast and easy to setup
  • Flexible and smart
  • User-friendly
  • Able to load data from and integrate with other systems
  • Web- and mobile-friendly
  • Able to solve highly complex configurations
  • Able to take user privileges into account

A swift update process

Updates and changes are managed through the HiveAdmin app.

Our update process uses a regular Excel sheet together with a script file.

It’s as simple as that. From the second the Excel sheet or script file has been updated, our converter will validate and deploy all changes. Processing an update will be done in a matter of seconds.

Update workflow

The HiveAdmin app manages versions and deploys them on HiveCPQ.

The converter will test the structure of the provided files. After validation, everything will be deployed and instantly become available online.

Using this feature of Hive, updates can be done independently from the IT department. The whole process of updating is managed and controlled via the HiveAdmin desktop application (for Windows, Linux, and Mac).


Making a well designed B2B Commerce platform part of your company's strategy will stimulate growth. It will delight customers and support your team and operations.

Olivier Coune
Business strategist
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Visualisation 2
Visualisation 3
Visualisation 4


Our product configurator presents any configurable products in an interactive 3D visualization.

This way, the customer gets a visual confirmation of his configured product without overlooking any details. The 3D model is used in quotations and order confirmations. It eliminates errors and increases product knowledge within the company and within your customer network.

Because after all, a 3D image says more than a thousand words!

Be the change

What sets us apart, is what makes us better.

Listen to this interview with Frederik Taleman, CEO of HiveCPQ, in which he talks about his company, why he founded it and how quickly the Hive team can set up products for the manufacturing industry and their distributors.

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