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The Hive CPQ Product Configurator is designed to revolutionize your sales process. Explore how you can start working more efficiently by creating personalized product configurations with ease. Discover our product configurator below.

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Simplify selling even the most complex products

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The Hive CPQ product configurator makes selling complex products easier than ever. It empowers your sales teams to define, visualize, and modify product options in real-time, enabling them to offer personalized solutions that perfectly align with customer needs.

Save time

Speed up your sales cycle by automatically generating accurate quotes within a few clicks. Empower your sales reps to spend more time on better customer service.

Reduce errors

Hive CPQ’s rule-based product configurator eliminates costly mistakes in configurations and orders.

Increase revenue

With higher efficiency, improved customer experiences and more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, product configurators increase revenue.

Improved customer experience

Let your distributors and end customers create their own configurations, quotes, and orders in a unique and improved buying experience.

Get valuable sales insights

Know what projects your distributors and customers are working on, gather valuable data on customer preferences and market trends.

Increase manufacturing efficiency

The Hive product configurator generates accurate Bill Of Materials (BOM), streamlining the manufacturing process by reducing waste.

The Hive product configurator

The #1 easiest to use CPQ

Use Hive’s product configurator to automate configuration, pricing, and quoting tasks, enabling your sales reps to create efficient and error-free orders straight from your ERP or CRM system. Simplify even the most complex product offerings with the industry’s most user-friendly configurator.

Stimulate sales with a premium look & feel

The Hive product configurator boasts a premium look and feel that sets it apart in the industry. With sleek, modern aesthetics and interactive 3D models, our CPQ solution elevates your brand’s image, stimulates sales, and reduces costly errors and misunderstandings.

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Easy to implement without development work

Implement the Hive product configurator with ease. No coding necessary.

Do it yourself, let our team of CPQ engineers help you, or choose for a hybrid approach. Build and maintain your configurators in our low-code Hive Design Studio. Leverage different components and add logical behavior to the configurator with no need for development.

For sales teams, distributors, and website visitors

Leverage one configurator engine to power multiple sales channels:

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Customize your product configurator

Tailor our product configurator to meet your unique needs. Add your own branding to the configurator and request custom features or invest in our backing programs. Define the future of CPQ together with us and customize your environment to your liking!

Skilled in navigating complexity

Complex products, pricing or business models? Hive excels at managing complexity thanks to its robust capabilities and versatile tools. Our comprehensive approach empowers businesses to effortlessly tackle complexity and streamline these elements into market-ready solutions.

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Visual config omnichannel

Plug the Hive configurator in your website or webshop for qualitative lead generation

Bring your products to life. Add the Hive experience configurator to your website and let visitors configure your products in 3D with no login required. Or integrate the same engine to your existing webshop for easier sales.

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Team of configurator experts ready to assist you

We have a team of configurator specialists ready to help you with the implementation, onboarding, improvement, and maintenance of your product configurator! Enjoy working together with the team that offers the Best Support in the CPQ industry!

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Beyond product configuration

Beyond product configuration: Price, Quote, Order, and more

Hive CPQ goes beyond visual product configuration, offering a comprehensive solution that allows you to price, quote, and order complex products online.

  • Prices are automatically calculated based on the configuration that’s been made, and pricing strategies such as markups or discounts.
  • Generate accurate quotes in a matter of minutes. A visual representation and a Bill Of Material (BOM) are instantly added to the quote for a complete customer proposal.
  • Place the order online once the quote has been approved with no need for data re-entry. Keep your distributors and customers up to date with extensive order follow-up possibilities.

But that’s not all! Hive CPQ is more than just a Configure Price Quote solution. We offer a wide range of additional features and modules that further enhance your sales processes.

Discover more capabilities of Hive CPQ and what it can do for your business here

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Can I try Hive for free?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a free trial of Hive. In case you'd like to see Hive in action, or you want to test Hive in a Proof Of Concept, request a demo with one of our experts here

In mean time, you can try out the configurators on our customers' websites: 

Can I restrict access for certain users on Hive CPQ?

Yes! We have an extensive system in place for user permissions on Hive CPQ. Based on a user’s role within the organization, they will either be granted permission or restricted access to resources. This way, your sensitive information stays hidden, while users are able to access only the data they need to perform their job.

Discover more information on our permissions system here.

How much does Hive CPQ cost?

The price of the Hive product configurator depends on your project scope, the complexity of your products and processes, and the number of users you’ll need. Contact us for a customized cost estimate for your business case!

Can I use the product data from my ERP in Hive CPQ?

Yes, you can! You need to set up an integration to do so. Once Hive CPQ has been connected to your ERP system, any product data you need (such as inventory levels, shipping schedules, or pricing) can automatically be transferred.

Find more information on our integrations, how to set them up, and how exactly they work in practice here.

Can I share documents with my distribution network on Hive CPQ?

Yes, Hive CPQ offers lots of options for document sharing. Our platform enables your sales reps to add product specific documents to the configurator, such as installation manuals, warranty policies, and compliance and certifications, where distributors can instantly download them.

Hive CPQ also has a File Viewer section, where shared documents are stored.