Our configurator is

  • Fast and easy to setup.
  • Fast and easy to modify and maintain.
  • Able to load data from and integrate with other systems.
  • Web and mobile friendly (portable).
  • Smart, it needs to be smart.
  • Able to solve highly complex configurations.
  • Easy to use.
Our configurator is

A swift update process

Updates and changes are managed through the HiveAdmin app.

Our update process goes over a regular Excel sheet combined with a script file.

Correct, it is that simple. From the moment the Excel sheet or script file is updated, our converter will validate and deploy. Making an update can literally done in a matter of seconds.

Update flow

Update flow

The HiveAdmin app manages versions and deploys.

The converter will test the structure of the provided files. After validation, everything will be deployed and instantly be available online.

With this approach, updates can be performed independently from the IT department.

The whole process of updating is managed and controlled via the HiveAdmin desktop application (For Windows, Linux and Mac).

Olivier Coune
Business strategist
Making a well designed B2B Commerce platform part of your company's strategy will stimulate growth. It will delight customers and support your team and operations. see how Hive can work for your company


The Hive configurator will present the configurable product in 3D. We can visualise any detail with a dynamic 3D model. The major goal is to give a visual confirmation to the customer of what he or she is configuring.

The 3D model will be used in quotations and order confirmations. It eliminates errors, and will increase product knowledge within the company and within your customer network.

Because after all, a 3D says more than a thousand words!

Be the change

What differs us, is what makes us better.

Listen to the interview with Frederik Taleman, CEO of Hive CPQ where he talks about his start-up, why he founded his company and how quickly the Hive team can setup products for the manufacturing industry and their distributors.

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