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The power of 3D product visualization for manufacturers

3D product visualization has become a vital part of CPQ in recent years, reshaping the way manufacturers engage with their customers. Discover why it has become so popular and how it helps to drive sales growth. Find out why Hive CPQ has always been a visual CPQ and how we continue to set new standards with our innovative 3D technology.

April 04, 2024 Written by
Vera Vingerhoets

The benefits of 3D product visualization

When a manufacturer is on a limited budget for CPQ, they’ll very often try to save some money on 3D visualization. However, in our experience, 3D product visualization is absolutely crucial in the manufacturing industry. It has the power to boost sales. The benefits of 3D visualization include:

  • Enhanced customer engagement: 3D visualization in CPQ creates a more immersive experience, allowing customers to vividly see and understand the configured product or solution. This heightened engagement stimulates a deeper connection with the offering.
  • Streamlined decision-making: Product visualization in 3D provides customers with a clear and realistic view of the final product, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making. The visual representation increases customers’ confidence in their purchase as it helps them grasp features and functionalities.
  • Reduced uncertainty: Buying complex products often comes with a lot of uncertainty. Real-time 3D visualization demonstrates how the configured solution meets the customer’s specific needs, reducing doubts.
  • Accelerated sales: Visualization expedites the sales process by efficiently conveying technical details and showing the impact of configuration choices. This accelerates the decision-making process, which in turn leads to quicker sales.
  • Increased accuracy: Enabling users to visually confirm their choices through 3D visualization allows customers to promptly identify and rectify any mistakes. This leads to a higher order accuracy, smoother transactions and greater satisfaction.

So while most manufacturers are stuck thinking their products are too complex for 3D, visualization can actually make a difference in enhancing comprehension and improved sales.

Hive CPQ as visual CPQ

These five benefits of product visualization have encouraged us to build Hive CPQ as a visual Configure Price Quote solution. By centralizing 3D visualization, we make it easier for distributors or end customers to buy from you, leading to increased understanding and improved customer experiences.

So how exactly does 3D product visualization work in CPQ software? Let’s break it down.

Product visualization in Hive CPQ

Our goal with the Hive CPQ configurator is to let users compose a product without prior knowledge about the product options. Customers need to be able to make a correct configuration that fits their specific needs without requiring the help of a sales representative or a manual. Product visualization is crucial to enable this and to avoid frustrations.

The 3D product visualization in Hive CPQ is made by our own 3D engineering team. They will create parametric models based on CAD or STEP files that are then uploaded to our Hive Design Studio to make the connection with the configurator. When creating 3D models, it is important to keep these as light as possible to prevent any slowdowns in the configurator’s performance.

The 3D models in Hive CPQ are used to show the configured product to users. The models will automatically adjust themselves to the selections being made in the configuration process. This also allows for distributors and end customers to discover your products in excruciating detail.

Using the virtual photographer, Hive CPQ will also create an imprint of the configured product to use in technical documents and/or price quotes.

Schermafbeelding 4 K Canopy King

Examples of 3D product visualization in Hive CPQ

Let’s take a look at some examples of 3D product visualization in Hive CPQ!

Skylux, manufacturer of roof windows and canopies

Skylux mentioned 3D as one of their top requirements when looking for a configurator. They wanted to provide users with a visual representation of the configured products. This way, customers can see what they’re ordering, any errors can be identified, and the 3D model is added to the quote.

Try the Skylux experience configurator >

Schermafbeelding 4 K Skylux

Dynaco, manufacturer of high-speed doors

Dynaco has been a pioneer in e-commerce and in product visualization. In 2006, the company already had various 3D models to ease the sales process. Since they’ve started using Hive CPQ, the models have been upgraded to photorealistic renders, boosting Dynaco’s sales to unseen heights.

Try the Dynaco experience configurator >

Schermafbeelding 4 K Dynaco

Japy Tech, manufacturer of milk tanks

Since Japy Tech’s distributors can place orders independently from a sales representative, the company has noted 7 to 10 times more deals than before. The 3D product visualization of the milk tanks has made Hive CPQ a favorable tool to use and has increased order accuracy for Japy Tech.

Read the customer case of Japy Tech >

Japy Tech visualization

Taking product visualization to the next level

Over the years, our customers have challenged us to upgrade our Configure Price Quote platform, including taking our 3D technology to the next level.

Shadow simulation for pergolas

What will your pergola look like at 10 in the morning in July compared to at 4 in the afternoon in November? And what is the impact of the orientation (North, East, South, West)? Give your distributors and end customers a better understanding of their pergola by adding a shadow simulator like in the example below:

Schermafbeelding 4 K shadow

Photo simulation

Curious to see how the product will appear in your specific setting? Upload a photo of your environment to get a realistic impression of what for example the pergola will look like next to your pool in the garden.

Schermafbeelding 4 K Photosimulation

Switching between 2D & 3D

Prefer working in 2D instead? We’re working on a new UI where users will be able to easily switch between 2D and 3D views. This allows for a much smoother configuration process in the environment you prefer working in.

Schermafbeelding 4 K Switch2 D3 D


While 3D product visualization might seem like a “nice to have”, it has five important benefits that cannot be overlooked: enhanced customer engagement, streamlined decision-making, reduced uncertainty, accelerated sales, and increase accuracy. These advantages have pushed more and more manufacturers to invest in a proper visualization of their product range.

For the same reason, Hive CPQ has positioned itself as a visual CPQ solution. Our high-end 3D models based on CAD or STEP files make it easier for customers to create an accurate product configuration without prior knowledge. This 3D product visualization has contributed to our customers’ sales growth, exemplified by Japy Tech getting seven times more deals than before.

We continue to listen to our customers and to market trends to improve our 3D technologies. That’s how we’re currently working on shadow and photo simulation and an easier switch between 2D and 3D.

Curious to see what your products would look like in Hive CPQ?

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