Our team 2

Our team

Hive CPQ is based in Ghent, Belgium, in a dynamic, innovative and technological ecosystem. Our team is composed of carefully picked talented people, driven and dedicated to put a mark on the CPQ industry.

Let us introduce the force behind Hive.

Hive leadership


Frederik Taleman

Frederik, our founder and CEO, has previous experience in the door manufacturing industry, which led him to developing a software that is suited for other industries as well. Frederik aims to find a simple and elegant solution to the complex problems that are hindering a company’s growth. With Hive CPQ, his focus is on helping you improve.

I built Hive a couple of years ago to help innovative manufacturers get to the next level. From experience, I have learnt that merely offering them a configurator is not enough. A manufacturer today is looking for a comprehensive solution, improving both the technical and the human aspect of selling. That is where Hive CPQ comes into play. Hive is unique in the CPQ market as it is not just a configurator or just a sales platform. Hive is also a digital tool for dealer management, quotations, project management, customer service and so on. I am proud to see the progress our customers have made with our solution, and I look forward to helping even more manufacturers reach their goals!

Stijn de mulder

Stijn De Mulder

Stijn is our CTO today and is one of Hive’s pillars. He previously worked for big companies, like Colruyt and Securex, and founded his own structure Elqoo. Hive is where he feels most at home. He is passionate about pushing the product and his team further, by working together and providing the best possible solution to fit the customer’s needs.

I was one of the first members of the Hive team and for me, it feels like a stimulating adventure to evolve together with our team and our company. Today, our solution is nothing like it was in the beginning. I have been able to truly contribute to Hive: from the way we help our customers to the way we have built our engineering team. Most of all, I like the open culture where I can be myself and do what I do best.


Yorick Matthys

Yorick’s experiences in various domains of manufacturing services have allowed him to fully understand the needs of manufacturers and their distributors, and the importance of a reliable product configurator. Yorick has been with us for a very long time, as one of our CPQ solution engineers and as a project manager. He loves learning new things, so he’s always on the lookout for improvement. He truly aims for the stars!

I joined Hive a few years ago, at a point in my career where I was looking for a challenge. I wanted something new, something I wanted to help build from scratch while motivating a team of skillful colleagues. I have not been disappointed: it has been and still is an exceptional journey. Looking forward to all the things that we will experience in the future. A great product made by great people: what's not to like?


Vera Vingerhoets

Our expert in digital transformation Vera Vingerhoets was first captivated by the subject when she was working as a branch manager for Actemium, supporting manufacturing companies in their digitalization processes. The most interesting topic for her is the way in which business processes can be improved using the appropriate digital tools. Vera believes that transparency and communication are some of the most important things that can boost your business, and that access to data is crucial in achieving all of this.

Working at Hive is an amazing experience. It’s a young company with an incredibly dedicated and hard-working team, always pushing our Hive platform to the next level. In my role as expert in digital transformation, I get in touch with different companies to listen to their vision, to challenge them, and to help them to find a solution that perfectly fulfills their needs. And this is where Hive’s unique approach to CPQ fits in nicely!

The Hive family, a dedicated team

Behind these great managers, we have a big, enthusiastic team of engineers, developers, designers and strategists with multiple nationalities working on your projects. We are all dedicated to making your company grow!

Want to join our ambitious team?


Curious to know more about who we are and what we stand for? Let our CEO Frederik Taleman introduce our company and its evolution in these short interviews made by the talented Frank Sohn on his CPQ Podcast emission.


Novus CPQ Interview with our CEO (2018)

The first interview, from 2018, deals with Hive beginnings, and the path of Frederik, as an inventor and an entrepreneur, to come to the foundation and exponential growth of our company. He also develops his vision for the software and the added value it brings to the manufacturing industry.

Novus CPQ Interview with our CEO (2020)

The second interview is about the 2020 situation and the way Hive CPQ gets through the pandemic, as well as our current projects and status. This time, Frederik Taleman provides a deeper explanation of our product and the way it integrates with other systems.

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