Since 1989, Brainstorming is offering digital solutions to support companies in 5 different areas:

  • ERP Business Management - implementation of Silicon Master Suite ERP
  • Accounting Software - consulting and installation
  • Business Intelligence - exploration of enterprise data
  • System Infrastructure - installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing

Brainstorming and HiveCPQ have built an 'out of the box' integration with Silicon Master Suite ERP. Making updates to configurators and order intake seamless and efficient.



EMAKERS is a full-service e-commerce agency with an offer that is specifically tailored to the wishes of (brand) manufacturers. Producers are increasingly able to reach the end customer directly via the internet and customers - B2B and B2C - are increasingly buying directly from the producer.

Of course, e-commerce is not just about direct sales. Many manufacturers are also pursuing a hybrid approach whereby (part of) the product range can be ordered directly from the producer and more complex products are available through intermediaries. For example, the dealers have significant added value in the field of advice.

Producers can certainly turn to EMAKERS for the (further) development of a webshop, the sale of products via online marketplaces of (performance-based) e-marketing. But also complex projects around your digital business, for example in the field of CRM or ERP, have been made by EMAKERS.



Growth makes you realize your ambitions.

We create freedom for entrepreneurs and means for organisations.

Creating company cultures driven by engagement is our highest goal.

Based on a clear mission and value propostion, we create innovative business plans and strategies for growth. And we also implement them to make sure our impact is durable.



Scalefactory - Your Salesforce partner within manufacturing and high tech.

Scalefactory builds digital manufacturing solutions allowing you to move beyond the product with personalized service at scale.Get a complete view of customers across all channels to improve cross-sell and upsell while generating more leads. Integrated with HiveCPQ , sales teams can quickly determine the right solution for customers and simplify complex processes.

Provide smart, personalized service with instant access to critical contracts and entitlement data in one centralized location.

Build intuitive apps that enable customers, dealers, and distributors to quickly and seamlessly conduct business.

Turn IoT data collected from devices, locations, equipment, accounts, and more into actionable insights that drive deeper engagement and accelerate innovation.



Veltion makes SMEs in Flanders stronger by optimising their business processes. Veltion makes SMEs better, faster and more efficient. From administration to production. The final goal? Not a one shot, but a continuous improvement. Veltion believes in sustainable economy.

In many cases companies can benefit from the right implemented (software) tools. Veltion recommends the use of HiveCPQ for manufacturers that produce configurable products and sell them through a reseller network. Good software to support the sales office in combination with the right approach in production can drastically decrease the overall lead times for both sales and production lifecycle.


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