System integrations

Hive will increase the efficiency of your sales and production processes. With the right integrations with other systems in place you are able to eliminate errors and hidden costs.

Automate, eliminate errors and save costs

By integrating HiveCPQ with your existing environments, we are able to create an automated workflow. Eliminate data (re)entry. Data is entered and validated only once by customers, sales teams or back office teams. Getting rid of any mistakes and time-consuming manual labor.We seamlessly integrate with CRM, ERP, marketing automation and legacy systems.

Automate eliminate errors and save costs

Two approaches

Hive offers two different approaches to integration. We provide out of the box integrations via HiveConnect and connections through our RESTful Web API.

Two approaches


HiveConnect is an integration platform that connects HiveCPQ to other platforms. The platform contains standard connections to for example SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft AX and more… These integrations can be further adapted through field mappings and processes.

Hive Connect


Hive can also be integrated with your current software using API. Our platform is equipped with a RESTful Web API, making the possibilities for system integration endless. Use your favorite integration platform (MuleSoft, Jitterbit, MS Flow, Zapier, Scribe,...) and transfer data in and out of your HiveCPQ instance in an efficient and secure way.

RES Tful Web API
Documented through Swagger

Documented through Swagger

Every programmer can get started on building integrations, through HiveConnect or API’s. Our API is fully documented online.The documentation is provided through Swagger, letting you import the RESTful Web API into the integration tool or development environment of your choice.Upon request, we will give you access to the documentation with live examples.

This all might be a bit too technical

This all might be a bit too technical…

The main takeaway is that every aspect of our platform is accessible through API, giving you unlimited possibilities in terms of integration and automation. Hive has a team of integration specialists that are happy to help you build your integrations. We could also take care of the syncing from A to Z, if you would prefer it that way.Wondering how we would integrate with your environment? Get in touch!