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Hive CPQ for PTC Windchill

Connect sales with engineering, connect Hive CPQ to your PTC Windchill system! Increase manufacturing efficiency by seamlessly sharing data through both platforms.

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Increase sales and manufacturing efficiency by connecting Hive CPQ to PTC Windchill

Connect sales with engineering by integrating Hive CPQ with your PTC Windchill environment. Work with the same data across the two platforms. What are the advantages of this integration?

  • Single source of truth
  • Faster go-to market
  • Fewer errors
  • Lower maintenance of product data
  • Enhanced collaboration between sales and engineering

Build and maintain your configurators more easily

Integrating Hive CPQ with PTC Windchill makes it easier for you to build and maintain your configurators in the CPQ solution.

Use options and product rules from PTC Windchill to build your configurator. Create BOMs in Hive CPQ from the same product data. Increase manufacturing efficiency with routing for specific product configurations.

Hive CPQ will in turn push product configurations or variants to PTC Windchill for complete data collection.

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Easier product management through a seamless integration

Once your configurator is set up, start configuring your products in Hive CPQ to generate product configurations. These configurations are then sent to PTC Windchill for the creation of BOM and routing data, and to the ERP system for order entry. PTC and the ERP will work together to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.

Data always stays up to date throughout this process, making it easier to manage your product data. This accuracy leads to the elimination of errors and discrepancies, and to more precise quotes!

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Build the integration without coding

Set up the integration between Hive CPQ and PTC Windchill without a need for coding. In your Hive CPQ environment, find the admin section and go to Integrations. Find PTC Windchill and click on “Connect”.

Hive CPQ handles the hosting and maintaining the integration, ensuring compatibility with PTC Windchill, requiring no effort on your part.

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Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with PTC Windchill?

Our integration team would be happy to help!

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