Generate qualified leads with the Hive Experience Configurator – the powerful sales tool to place on your website

Sell configurable products with ease. Plug the Hive 3D product configurator into your website to generate qualified leads. Boost customer engagement and drive your sales to new heights.

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Let customers discover your products in detail

Turn your website traffic into sales. Allow engaged visitors to:

  • Configure products in 3D in real-time
  • Share configurations using a unique code
  • Take their unique code to the showroom to get assistance from sales reps
  • Request a quote online

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Discover products in detail

Plug the configurator into your website

Captivate buyers and add the Hive Experience Configurator to your website. This leadgen configurator uses the same smart logic as the Hive CPQ platform for synced product rules. Tailor the different configuration steps to your target audience (end users).

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Integrate the configurator in your webshop

Are you already using a webshop for your online sales? Elevate your offerings with an interactive 3D product configurator! Our Hive Experience configurator can easily be plugged into the top eCommerce platforms, allowing users to add their configurations to their online basket.

XPC Webshop
Veerle Verslycke

The best part is that anyone can configure our products without any prior knowledge. Complicated configuration can now be composed and ordered in one simple tool.

Veerle Verslycke
Functional Business Analyst at Skylux

Try the Hive Experience Configurator below!

Want to increase your conversion rates?

Start by implementing a 3D product configurator on your website!