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Hive CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Streamline your sales process by integrating the Hive Configure Price Quote solution with your Dynamics 365 Sales environment. Simplify and automate quoting and close deals faster!

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Extend your Dynamics 365 Sales process with Configure Price Quote

Optimize your sales workflow with the Hive Configure Price Quote solution for Dynamics 365 Sales. Hive adds powerful quoting and pricing solutions to your environment, and empowers sales teams to generate accurate quotes quickly, even for the most complex products.

Connect Hive CPQ to your Dynamics 365 environment to create a unified user experience that doesn’t require data re-entry:

  • Customer information from Dynamics 365 Sales is imported to Hive CPQ and added to quotes.
  • Product configurations, quotes, and orders made in Hive CPQ are automatically synced to the CRM, avoiding costly errors in manual re-entry.
  • Inbound leads from the Hive experience configurator on your website are instantly created as a sales opportunity in Dynamics 365 Sales.

Streamline your sales, close deals faster

What are the advantages of integrating Hive CPQ with your Dynamics 365 Sales environment?

  • A unified user experience for your sales teams
  • Automated data syncing so information stays the same across platforms
  • No need for manual data re-entry
  • Faster and more accurate quoting without leaving the CRM
  • Close deals faster, increase your revenue
  • Process more orders with the same amount of resources
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Seamlessly integrated sales workflows

How exactly will the integration work? The connector is highly flexible so you can create your own workflows with Hive CPQ and Dynamics 365 Sales. A possible workflow could be:

  • Create an opportunity and a quote in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Configure the products in Hive CPQ
  • Synchronize the configuration back to the CRM
  • Dynamics 365 Sales shows all the product information and is now ready to generate a quote
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Set up the integration with no need for coding

Build your Dynamics 365 Sales and Hive integration without any development work. Go to the admin section in your Hive environment. Go to Integrations and find Dynamics 365 Sales. Click on “Connect”, follow the instructions, and you’re all set!

Hive CPQ is in charge of hosting and maintaining the integration, ensuring compatibility with Dynamics 365 Sales at all times with no need for work from your side.

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Customize the Dynamics 365 Sales integration

The integration between Hive CPQ and Dynamics 365 Sales is highly flexible, allowing the two platforms to communicate with each other on everything. Set up your own event-driven integrations using webhooks and customize the integration to your liking.

For more information on how to customize the integration by building webhooks, please visit!

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Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with Dynamics 365 Sales?

Our integration team would be happy to help!

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