Salesforce Integration

Hive CPQ for Salesforce CRM

Create a seamless sales flow by connecting your Salesforce CRM application to the Hive CPQ software. Automate your quoting process and boost your sales performance!

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Integrate Hive CPQ with Salesforce CRM for a seamless sales flow

Extend your sales flow with Hive CPQ from Salesforce CRM. Create Hive projects from Opportunities in Salesforce and create error-free quotes instantly.

By integrating the Hive Configure Price Quote system with your Salesforce CRM, you can create a centralized user experience without having to re-enter data. Avoid costly errors by syncing your data with Hive’s powerful connector:

  • Any customer information from Salesforce is automatically imported to Hive and added to quotes.
  • Configurations, orders, pricing data, and line items from Hive CPQ are sent to and updated in Salesforce CRM.
  • The quote status (won/lost) will instantly be streamlined between the two platforms.
  • Prospects leaving their contact information behind on the Hive experience configurator on your website, are immediately created as an Opportunity in Salesforce.

Elevate your Salesforce experience with new capabilities from Hive CPQ

Discover a new dimension in your Salesforce journey with the latest enhancements from Hive CPQ. To get an in-depth understanding of how this integration works, watch our Salesforce and Hive CPQ walkthrough video. Witness firsthand how this powerful integration can streamline your processes!

Automate data flows for more (efficient) sales

What benefits can you expect from integrating Hive CPQ with Salesforce CRM?

  • One smooth user experience for your sales teams
  • No more manual data re-entry between platforms
  • Automated data syncing, consistency of data across platforms
  • Easier and quicker quoting process without leaving the CRM
  • Ability to process more orders with the same amount of resources
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Set up the integration without any development work

Set up the Salesforce CRM integration without needing development work. Go to your Hive environment and find the admin section. Go to Integrations and find Salesforce. Click on “Connect”, follow the instructions, and you’re all set!

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Or download Hive CPQ from the Salesforce AppExchange store!

Hosting and maintenance of the integration will be taken care of by Hive CPQ. This is how we continue to ensure compatibility with Salesforce without requiring work from your side.

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Customize the Salesforce integration

The Salesforce integration we built is highly flexible, allowing you to customize the connection between the two platforms to your liking. Let Salesforce CRM and Hive CPQ communicate with each other and build your own event-driven integrations using webhooks, creating your own buttons on the software systems.

For more information on how to build these webhooks with Hive CPQ, please visit!

Don’t have access to our Hive Documentation platform? Request your password below.

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Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with Salesforce CRM?

Our integration team would be happy to help! 

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