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Hive CPQ for Zoho CRM

Automate your sales process by seamlessly integrating your Zoho CRM environment with the capabilities of Hive CPQ. Keep data up to date, eliminate manual re-entry, and generate quotes within minutes, straight from the CRM.

Enhance Zoho CRM

Enhance your sales experience by integrating Hive CPQ with Zoho CRM

Improve your sales experience by merging Hive’s Configure Price Quote solution with your Zoho CRM environment. Create product configurations and generate error-free quotes straight from your CRM.

Prevent expensive errors by aligning your data across both platforms. The Zoho connector for Hive CPQ eliminates redundant data entry by synchronizing:

  • Customer data
  • Configurations, orders, pricing data, and line items
  • Quote statuses

Hive CPQ + Zoho CRM = more efficient sales

Discover how you can bring your sales tools together! Watch the integration walkthrough to experience firsthand how the connector between Hive CPQ and Zoho CRM can streamline your sales, saving time and increasing profit!

Why integrate Hive CPQ with your Zoho CRM environment?

What are the benefits of connecting Hive CPQ with Zoho CRM?

  • Easier quoting, straight from the CRM
  • No manual data (re-)entries
  • Seamless user experience for your sales teams
  • Consistency of data through automated syncing across platforms
  • Increased order processing efficiency with the same amount of resources
Why integrate Zoho CRM

A seamless sales workflow

A possible workflow using the Zoho connector for Hive CPQ could be:

  • Create a quote in Zoho
  • Click “Open in Hive”
  • Configure the products in Hive CPQ
  • The exact product configuration is synced and uploaded to the quote in Zoho
Seamless sales Zoho CRM

Set up the standard connector without developing

Install the Zoho CRM integration with Hive CPQ, no development work required. Navigate to the admin section in your Hive environment, go to Integrations and find Zoho. Click “Connect”, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go!

Hive CPQ takes responsibility for hosting and maintaining the connector, guaranteeing continuous compatibility with Zoho CRM without requiring effort on your part.

No Developing Zoho CRM

Create your own connections between Hive CPQ and Zoho CRM

The standard connector between Hive CPQ and Zoho CRM is highly flexible, empowering you to tailor the integration to suit your needs. Build personalized event-driven integrations using webhooks. Develop your own buttons within the software systems in our low-code environment.

Find a more detailed guidance on building webhooks with Hive CPQ on docs.hivecpq.com

If you don’t have access to our Hive Documentation portal, please request your password below.

Create connect Zoho CRM

Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with Zoho CRM?

Our integration team is happy to help!

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