Our team

Our values

We have 5 values we’d like to share with you!

Our values

Values together

We build solutions together

We love collaborating, not only within our Hive team, but with you too! We like to face challenges. We have recently integrated Hive with some legacy systems for enterprise customers, bringing their legacy business logic to today’s digital age. Teamwork is our motivation.

Values ambition

Own your ambition, make it a plan

We are convinced that the only limit to our capacities is ourselves. If we wish to go beyond this border and aim for the top, we need a plan to get where we want to go. As long as we follow this ambitious plan, there is no need to fear obstacles because we know we will overcome them. Similarly, the implementation of Hive CPQ always happens in the same four steps: understanding what you need, setting up the configurator, enabling your teams to use it, and sending invitations to your distributors. If your ambition is a CPQ software for your company, that is how we can achieve it.

Values listen

We listen

We like transparent and clear communication, as our priority is your well-being. Are you facing a problem? Do you want a software that fits your needs perfectly? We are here to listen and come up with solutions for you. That leads us to regularly call our customers to make sure that everything is working for them. If you need us, it will even be our first task, as we can’t implement Hive CPQ without understanding who you are, what you sell and how you sell it!

Values success

We share and celebrate success

We don’t want to keep successes for ourselves. As we work together, any success for us is a success for you! That is why we are very happy to send out notes about our latest updates to all our customers when we improve the software. We would like to communicate our successes and enjoy them with your team as well.

Values star

We aim for the stars

We are always looking for improvement. Making our customers grow is why we love doing what we do. One of our customers, supplying spare parts for over 200,000 garage doors installed worldwide, only needs one person in the back office supporting the distributor network. This is a huge victory for them and for us, so we continue working together to go further. We would be happy to bring our solution to new companies and to improve your way of working as well.

Will you bring us tomorrow’s challenge?

Our team

Our mission

The mission of Hive CPQ is to help manufacturers improve the efficiency of their sales process by offering an all-in-one solution.

Mission Statement

You could be dealing with the fact that your employees are wasting time every day creating quotes and losing track of aiding customers with more complex tasks, or you could be facing difficulties keeping your systems up to date. You might want to improve your customer relationships. Maybe you no longer want your sales representatives to call back and forth to check the products’ stock and compatibility. Or do you want to set prices fast and accurately? Have you forgotten to use sales as a marketing channel, lining up the quotations and configurators with your current branding?

Hive CPQ looks forward to simplifying and improving these projects for you. Our software system allows you to increase your efficiency and put the focus back on what really matters.

Mission solution

With Hive CPQ, all projects become child’s play

Stay ahead of your competitors by increasing the efficiency within your company

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