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Hive CPQ as distributor platform

Use Hive CPQ to support your distribution network. Empower them to work smarter, faster, and more profitably with Configure Price Quote. Discover the distributor platform functionalities in Hive CPQ below.

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Give your distributors access to Hive CPQ

Enable your distributors to:

  • Configure your products in 3D
  • Calculate the price, add a markup, give discounts
  • Generate a quote, personalize the quote for customers
  • Place orders online
  • Follow up on orders and order history

Decrease lead times and increase sales by allowing your distributors to configure products and place their own orders.

Let your distributors work independently and become easier to buy from.

Save time

Save time by allowing your distributors to create their own quotes on Hive CPQ. Don’t lose time with brainless order entry.

Gain valuable sales insights

Know what projects your distributors and customers are working on, gather valuable data on customer preferences and market trends.

Offer amazing customer experiences

Serve your distributors the way they want to be served: precise and swift.

Improved customer binding

By being so easy to buy from, become your distributor’s favorite supplier! Improve the customer binding with your distributors with CPQ.

Let distributors create and order accurate product configurations

Empower your distributors to create accurate product configurations using Hive CPQ. How does this work?

  • Instant validation of the configuration: Our rule-based configurator engine validates configurations, so every order fits within your specified parameters, such as maximum dimensions, components, or stock availability.
  • Up-to-date product data: By integrating Hive CPQ with your ERP, PLM, or PIM systems, product information maintains real-time accuracy for your distributors.
  • Place orders: Add our order module to your CPQ environment, so distributors can instantly place orders. Leverage our shipping module to calculate shipping costs and estimate delivery times.
  • Order follow-up: Keep your customers informed by allowing them to track their orders.

Communicate with your distributors through Hive CPQ

Use Hive CPQ as a distributor portal: add your own branding to the platform and use it to communicate with your partners. Share news or updates using push notifications.

Share documents, technical sheets, warranty files and more with distributors using the FileViewer module for easy file exchange.

Allow your distributors to easily submit comments in a structured way to help you enhance product quality, using our Hive CPQ quality module.

Add subdistributors to the CPQ platform

Enable subdistributors (the distributors of your distributors) to create configurations, quotes, and orders in Hive CPQ. Simplify their exploration of your products with detailed information tailored to their needs, such as displaying only the subdistributor purchase price rather than the standard purchase price.

Subdistributor orders are clearly indicated on Hive CPQ, giving manufacturers a better overview of their network, and empowers them to enhance their control over purchase discounts.


Keep your data safe with Permissions

Keep sensitive information hidden on Hive CPQ. The access control in Hive CPQ is designed specifically for complex sales organizations and their distribution network. Our platform comes with permission settings for Distributor roles, which limits access to certain sections, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Distributors can only interact with the data and features essential to their roles, making Hive CPQ more straightforward to use. Read more about our Permissions system here.


Want to see Hive CPQ from a distributor’s perspective?