Hive CPQ is much more than a basic product configurator. Learning from customer feedback and our own past experiences, we have extended our solution with the following features to ensure you always get the best possible experience with our application.

A collaborative CPQ

Our software goes beyond a regular CPQ system. We allow your customers to join the process, making our software a CCPQ (Collaborative Configure Price Quote).

Working together with multiple parties

Decrease the backoffice workload

Let your customers configure the product and edit quotes by themselves. Simplify your selling process by taking long phone calls and endless email exchanges out of it.

Decrease the backoffice workload

Speak your customer's language

Working with customers all over the world? Our platform will adapt your information to be applicable to your customer’s currency, time zone and language. You are international? So is Hive!

Speak your customers language

Visually optimized

Our software is designed to be visually appealing to you:

  • A nice, user-friendly platform
  • 3D visualizations of your configured product
  • Exploded views of all products
  • Attractive quotations

What are the essential CPQ features?

Discover the most essential features in Configure Price Quote solutions that will elevate your business to new efficiency heights! Our CTO Stijn De Mulder revealed his top picks at the CPQ Inspiration Sessions. From integrations to dynamic 3D visualization, find out which features make a difference!

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Always up to date product information

Keep product information updated, by adding new features and price information directly on the application. Don’t struggle with thousands of products in your ERP or a large amount of product descriptions in your PIM, bring everything together in Hive CPQ. Avoid all errors and misunderstandings with your dealers.

Always up to date product information

Increase sales on spare parts

Enable your distributors to order spare parts without mistakes with Hive CPQ, thanks to an interactive exploded plan of each product. Let your customer find their part in a few clicks and send you the serial number.

Keep your business data safe and secure

Don’t want your teams to have access to data from another country or data from a different department? With Permissions, you give each department a specific team role, and you change their access according to the needs.

Keep your business data safe and secure

Wondering how these features will help you improve?