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Hive CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Create a seamless sales flow with our Hive CPQ connector for Dynamics 365 Finance users. Automate data synchronization and maximize efficiency. Let’s explore the possibilities of this integration.

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Streamline your sales process with Hive CPQ for Dynamics 365 Finance

Hive CPQ makes selling complex products easy. Our powerful product configurator enables Dynamics 365 Finance users to visually configure complex products and generate accurate quotes with ease.

Integrate Hive CPQ with your Dynamics 365 environment to create a seamless sales flow from the ERP. Synchronize data to avoid manual re-entry that would cause costly mistakes, and start working more efficiently:

  • Product information from the ERP, such as article codes, stock levels or list prices, are sent to Hive CPQ
  • Configurations, quotes, and orders made in Hive CPQ are automatically updated in Dynamics 365 Finance.
  • Quote statuses (won/lost) are immediately modified on both platforms.

A seamless integration for more efficient sales

The integration between Dynamics 365 Finance and Hive CPQ has a lot of advantages:

  • An optimized sales process for your sales reps, creating more efficiency
  • Automated data syncing across platforms
  • Gain time and accuracy by automating the workflow
  • Create quotes faster and more accurately
  • Centralize your data management
  • Process more orders with the same amount of resources
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An example of a sales workflow with Hive CPQ and Dynamics 365 Finance

Let’s take a look at how exactly the integration between the two platforms could work. The connector serves as a foundation for creating your own customized processes. One of our customers has set up the following flow:

  • Create a quote in Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Configure the products in Hive CPQ
  • Send the data and configuration back to the ERP
  • Add more configurations to the quote using variants or article codes that hold pre-configured products
  • Make a final check of the order in Hive CPQ
  • Dynamics 365 Finance instantly has all the product information and can generate a quote within minutes.

Set up the integration code-free

Set up the integration between Dynamics 365 Finance and Hive CPQ without any development work. In the Hive CPQ application, navigate to the administrative area. Go to Integrations and locate Dynamics 365 Finance. Click on “Connect”, follow the instructions, and you’re done!

Hosting and maintenance will be taken care of by Hive CPQ, ensuring seamless compatibility with Dynamics 365 Finance without requiring effort on your part.

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Customize the integration with Dynamics 365 Finance

The standard connector between Dynamics 365 Finance and Hive CPQ forms the basis for this integration, enabling seamless communication between the platforms for all aspects. Customization is necessary to create your own event-driven integrations through webhooks and tailor the integration to your specific preferences!

For more information on customizing the Dynamics 365 Finance integration, visit docs.hivecpq.com.

Don’t have access to our Hive Documentation portal? Request your password below.

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Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with Dynamics 365 Finance?

Our integration team would be happy to help!

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