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CPQ implementation made easy: Meet our expert Hive CPQ team

CPQ or Configure Price Quote simplifies quoting for manufacturers of complex products. It is a powerful sales tool, but it only reaches it full potential when it’s implemented correctly. CPQ implementation is often really challenging. We have a team of CPQ specialists ready to help you every step of the way.

April 28, 2023 Written by
Vera Vingerhoets

Why is CPQ implementation challenging?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software helps manufacturers to sell their complex products online. It gives sales reps and customers the power to visually configure products, automatically calculate the accurate price, and generate a quote in one click. CPQ creates an automated sales flow, eliminating errors and increasing sales. Since CPQs have a big impact on a business, it is important it’s been set up correctly.

However, implementing a CPQ solution can be rather challenging. The tool takes your entire sales process online, so it’s essential to carefully evaluate the existing processes and systems. At the same time, a clear project scope should be defined, considering the scope might change throughout the project. How will CPQ fit into your IT architecture? What are the existing inefficiencies you want to see solved with CPQ?

On top of that, your sales reps and customers will require training before they fully get the hang of the new software system. Introducing this switch in an undemanding and straightforward way is important to handle change management both internally and externally.

Considering these topics, CPQ implementation is often more complex than expected. That is why we have a team of CPQ specialists ready to help our customers to successfully set up Hive CPQ.

How to successfully implement a CPQ

What are the essential strategies to seamlessly implement a Configure Price Quote solution? Our Sales & Marketing Director Vera Vingerhoets reveals the top secrets.

Our CPQ implementation team

While lots of CPQ vendors offer some kind of training for the Configure Price Quote implementation, they usually leave the full rollout up to the customers themselves. This works for about 70% of the implementation. The remaining 30%, however, is incredibly complex and challenging. And this is where the Hive CPQ implementation team can make a difference.

The best way to implement your CPQ is together with specialists like the ones at Hive, who will help you set up, integrate, and optimize your solution.

What can you expect:

  • Assistance from A to Z: Our implementation team will assist you from the very beginning of the project by helping you create a scope. What does the current situation look like? Why is this your preferred way of working; is it out of habit or is it more efficient? What are the requirements for improvement? What problems will CPQ solve? Our team has the expertise and knowledge to handle these complex questions, so we can create a more efficient workflow for you.
  • Setting up the platform: Our team will help you to implement the platform and add your first product (configurator). By immediately introducing one of your own products on the software, you will flatten the learning curve and get the hang of CPQ much faster. Having a first example will make it easier for you to set up the rest of your product portfolio too.
  • One dedicated CPQ engineer: Throughout the project, you will have one dedicated CPQ specialist who will act as a bridge between your company and Hive. They will learn the ins and outs of your products until they become a real product expert in your industry. With this approach, our engineers can assist and advise you in a professional and personalized manner in case you stumble upon any issues or dilemmas during your CPQ implementation.
  • Support: Our team offers support through every step of building a configurator. Are you stuck, then simply open a support ticket, and you’ll receive an answer by our specialists in less than 24h.
  • Faster go-live: Our team is implementing CPQs on a daily basis, so they know exactly what pitfalls to avoid, ensuring a smooth and fast rollout. Working with Hive can therefore make a huge difference in the speed with which you can go live, keeping away from project fatigue and staying one step ahead of your competitors.

Implementing a CPQ software is not an easy job, but together with the Hive team of specialists, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of CPQ!

Check out the work our team has done for customers like Skylux, Reynaers Aluminium, Royal de Boer, and Dynaco doors.

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How to successfully implement a CPQ

What are the essential strategies and steps to seamlessly integrate a Configure Price Quote solution into your sales workflow? Our Sales & Marketing Director Vera Vingerhoets reveals the secrets to a successful CPQ implementation, sharing some best practices from the industry.

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