Keep your business data safe and secure

Keep your business data safe and secure

With internal users of different departments and external users on the platform, you might be worried about the exposure of your sensitive business information. Hive is equipped with a security system, restricting certain users from viewing, creating, or modifying information. Stay in control of your data at all times!

Permit or restrict access to information using role-based access control

Hive uses role-based access control (RBAC) to protect your information. This means that based on your role within an organization, you will either be granted permission or be restricted access to resources. This guarantees that employees and external users are only able to access the information or resources needed to perform their job. With role-based access control, your sensitive information stays hidden. Users need to obtain permission to view, create, or modify it. For example, while marketing managers and external users are able to consult the pricing lists, only the sales executives are allowed to change the price or give discounts.

Manage permissions in Hive

The role-based access control in Hive is designed to support complex sales organizations and their dealer networks. By using access control, we can create a truly seamless and automated order intake. This can only happen if all parties involved have access to the level of information they need. Having a smooth order intake leads to:

  • Improved customer experiences
  • An increase in the scalability of your business
  • A significant decrease in the number of errors made

The building blocks for access control in Hive are permissions and roles. Users need the permissions assigned to their role to consult pages or perform actions on the Hive platform. There are three types of roles:

  • System roles: a default role for quick access
  • Manufacturer roles: for internal users
  • Distributor roles: for external users
Permissions hive

Let's take a look at some examples:

  • An Internal Engineer gets a manufacturer role. He gets the chance to bypass certain validations in the configurators.
  • An Installer Technician, on the other hand, gets a distributor role. His use of the platform is limited to seeing installation guides for products and the spare parts catalogues only. He is not able to configure products or place orders.
Permissions2 hive

Create roles and permissions automatically

Hive is equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing users to connect to our platform using credentials from a related software system. This means that you can log into Hive using your ID and password from your Active Directory. With SSO, your company can recognize users immediately to link them to the right role, managing permissions automatically!

Hive protects your data

Hive’s security system is unique in the sense that:

  • It manages the platform and the configurator
  • It differentiates between internal users and external users
  • External users can administer security settings for their company
  • Support for customer groups and product groups is provided
  • It is 100% GDPR compliant

Want to see Hive through the eyes of a user linked to a role within your organization? Request your customized demo now!