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Hive CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unlock the potential of streamlined sales by seamlessly integrating Hive CPQ with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Empower sales representatives to work more efficiently and to close deals faster than before.

Enhance Business Central

Simplify your sales process by integrating Hive CPQ with Business Central

Hive CPQ empowers Business Central users to configure complex products in 3D and to automatically generate a quote.

Bring both sales tools together to create a seamless sales flow from the ERP. By integrating Hive CPQ with Business Central, data is instantly synchronized, eliminating the need for manual re-entries. The connector:

  • Sends product information, such as list prices, technical specifications, or warranty information, from Business Central to Hive CPQ.
  • Shares configurations, quotes, and orders made in Hive CPQ with Business Central
  • Updates the quote statuses on both platforms

Hive CPQ + Business Central = Streamlined sales

Why is it interesting to integrate Hive CPQ with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  • More efficient sales process
  • Automated workflows, gaining time and accuracy
  • Seamless data synchronization
  • Quote and close deals faster
  • Easier data management
Streamlined Sales BC

What your workflow could look like by connecting Hive CPQ and Business Central

One of our customers uses the following workflow:

  • Create a quote in Business Central
  • Click “Open in Hive CPQ”
  • Configure the desired products in Hive CPQ
  • Sync the product data and configuration back to the ERP
  • Business Central can instantly generate a quote based on this configuration.
Workflow BC

Tailor the integration with Business Central to your needs

Is there still more data you wish to exchange between Hive CPQ and Business Central? Are you missing certain functionalities? Our standard connector is highly flexible, so you can customize the integration by building event-driven connections through webhooks.

Visit docs.hivecpq.com for more information on how to tailor your integration.

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Questions about the Hive CPQ integration with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Our integration team is happy to help!

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