Always up to date product information

Always up to date product information

Keep product information updated, by adding new features and price information directly on the application. Don’t struggle with thousands of products in your ERP or a large amount of product descriptions in your PIM, bring everything together in Hive CPQ. Avoid all errors and misunderstandings with your dealers.

Transformation of the product catalog

Replace the classic product catalogues. With Hive, large PDF files, printed books, presentation software or Excel files are things of the past. You can make a qualitative, digital presentation of your products and their features with our software. Convert catalogues into a work tool, taking an important role in the day to day operations of your business.

Introducing new products with ease

The introduction of new products becomes child’s play. Hive makes new products immediately available in your day to day operations. We offer you a straightforward publication process for your pricing or your product specifications. Rolling out prototypes to only a subset of customers? Easy as 1, 2, 3!