Decrease the backoffice workload

Decrease the backoffice workload

Let your customers configure the product and edit quotes by themselves. Simplify your selling process by taking long phone calls and endless email exchanges out of it.


Hive ‘supercharges’ your sales representatives and distributors. We will give them the ability to configure and validate product configurations, immediately presentable to the final customer. It is no longer needed to dispatch this task to the back office. Your sales team and distributor network are able to offer the end client a quotation of exceptional quality, containing 3D visualisations and accurate price information.


Any orders placed on the Hive software are guaranteed to be digital, complete and validated. Processing these orders will be much more straightforward.

Delivery and follow-up

Customers and sales representatives no longer have to call the office to ask about the order status. All orders and their information can be found in HiveCPQ.