Speak your customers language

Speak your customer's language

Working with customers all over the world? Our platform will adapt your information to be applicable to your customer’s currency, time zone and language. You are international? So is Hive!

Going international

When crossing the border for business, one faces many challenges. There are differences in culture, language, currencies and time zones, but even configured products can change from region to region. Hive eliminates these obstacles. Using our CPQ solution, it will be easier for you to sell products in different languages and currencies. Variations in time zones are moderated by a limited involvement of the back office during the sales process. Hive also simplifies changing product specifications based on your customer’s regions. This will come in handy when dealing with differences in voltages, labels, manuals or the compliance with region-specific safety standards and regulations.

Local product rules

HiveCPQ lets you offer your products in an unlimited amount of languages. Suppliers manage their product translations easily.

Easy translation maintenance

Keeping your translations up to date can be a nightmare. Our software allows you to upload any translations from your current system, and add new languages directly using the HiveAdmin app. Switching languages is easy and instant.