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Welcome to Hive, Jurgen!

Hive has attracted a new bee! Welcome, Jurgen, to our Hive! We are happy to have you aboard. Let us introduce you to our new coworker! 

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December 18, 2020 Written by

Meet our new bee: Jurgen

Jurgen is our new developer! Our Java expert is also the sportive person of the office, since he loves riding his race bike during his free time. Family is very important to him, especially since he has to take care of two small children.

I think Hive is a close team of dedicated people, with a focus on making/keeping customers happy. I felt very welcome and appreciated when I started here this summer. Hive is well organized, yet flexible. And the work I am able to do at Hive feels impactful for the company.

Quick-fire questions for Jurgen

  • Morning person or night owl?
    Morning during the week: morning hours are quiet and there is less traffic. But on the weekends and holidays I tend to switch.
  • Summer or winter?
    Summer, but I melt if it gets too hot. Summarized, I prefer spring.
  • iOs or Android?

Thank you, Jurgen, and welcome to Hive!

Want to join our ambitious team?

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