Working together with multiple parties

A collaborative CPQ

Collaborate on projects with teams across different departments and with your customers in Hive. Take a look at how our solution creates an efficient work environment that allows collaborative selling.

Working together with multiple parties

When selling complex products, it is nearly inevitable that multiple parties will need to be involved in the sales process. The stakeholders should see each other as partners working towards a common goal. Coordination between the parties is therefore key. However, constantly having to communicate back and forth with multiple stakeholders slows down your processes. A collaborative CPQ can help.

Collaborative CPQ

A collaborative CPQ or a CCPQ is a Configure Price Quote solution that grants access to all parties involved, resulting in a swift and online collaboration. The stakeholders involved in the sales process using CCPQ’s are:

  • End customers: are given an active and decisive role. Their requirements are the main focus of every project. By allowing customers to interact and participate on the configuration, you increase their willingness to buy.
  • Partners, resellers, or installers: need access to a CPQ so they can easily make quotes or orders, print technical sheets, or find installation guides.
  • Sales teams: should be able to easily follow up on incoming requests or orders and manage the distribution network.
  • Engineer teams: need a CCPQ to approve the product rules, so the online product configurator can make validations automatically.

Working together like this in a CCPQ environment means a smoother collaboration and a significant decrease in the amount of phone calls and emails back and forth. Maximize your collaboration efforts.

Collaborative cpq

What makes Hive a CCPQ?

Hive is suited for both internal and external collaborations, making our solution a CCPQ. What makes our platform so convenient for collaborative selling?

  • Every party is only granted access to the information they’re allowed to see, modify, or add
  • Hive is extremely user-friendly with visualizations and guided selling options, so that buying complex products does not require engineering knowledge
  • Each party benefits from using our CPQ
  • Our rule-based engine automatically validates configurations, speeding up the sales process
  • One Single Point of Truth (SPOT): everyone is working with the same data

Want to work closely together with other teams, distributors, and customers? See our Collaborative CPQ in action!