Benefits of CPQ software for the engineering department

Do you find yourself helping the sales teams all the time by validating configurations and answering repetitive questions? Are you lacking time to focus on innovation?

Connect your engineering knowledge with sales

Lots of R&D teams are losing a lot of time being involved in the sales process. Engineers are called into nearly every sale to validate configurations and to answer repetitive questions about the compatibility and availability of products.

With CPQ software, these time-consuming activities can be reduced to a minimum! Engineering knowledge is uploaded to the platform in the form of product rules and validations. This means that the product configurator can automatically validate any compositions and that everyone can get a better understanding of the product business rules.

CPQ gives your sales teams the knowledge and expertise they need to sell complex products without having to call in help from the engineering department.

Engineering Sales

Manage and centralize product information and product rules

Use the CPQ software to document, store and maintain product rules and regulations. Implement CPQ as the central hub and bring engineering, product management, marketing, and sales together.

CPQ software allows users to consult:

  • The constraints and rules that apply for product configurations
  • The products that have references or are used in relation to others
  • Product configuration rules and constraints history
  • Product information from ERP, PLM, PIM, and DAM

Make sure everyone is always working with the latest information! Use integrations and engineering input to keep the data on the CPQ software up to date. Publish new product releases or updates for internal sales representatives, distributors, customers, and prospects.

Engineering Manage Product Info

Focus on innovation

By connecting the business product rules with sales, engineers save a lot of time! By decreasing the workload, you give the engineering department the opportunity to focus on innovation again, improving the existing products and staying one step ahead of competitors!

New products or advanced options to existing ones can easily be added to the CPQ platform. This gives the sales team the power to immediately start selling the brand-new innovations. CPQ software is therefore a powerful solution for those who want to move forward!

Engineering Focus on Innovation

Do you want your engineering team to work on innovation instead of sales support?