Benefits of CPQ software for the operations department

Are your internal processes slow and cumbersome? Are your teams spending lots of time re-entering data in different systems? Do you want to reduce the number of mistakes and waste in production? Configure Price Quote software might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Create a seamless data flow

When we’re talking to manufacturing companies, we often hear them complain about how their employees have to re-enter data in different systems. This leads to a huge loss of time and a higher risk of errors.

With a Configure Price Quote solution, companies can automate the information flow. Connect the CPQ software to your existing technological environment through integrations to avoid data re-entry. The configurator can further automate certain calculations and generate production information to save manual labor.

Sync the systems to make sure everybody is working with the same data. Any new or changed information will be updated automatically. Create an efficient and seamless flow of data to win time.

Operations Seamless Data Flow

Reduce mistakes and waste in production

Connect your customers to the factory. Configure Price Quote software validates any incoming configurations based on product and business rules. This leaves no room for invalid configurations and errors in production.

Any orders made on CPQ software are guaranteed to be errorfree, making your teams worry-free!

Operations Reduce Mistakes

Manage the supply chain

CPQ software will automatically generate a Bill Of Material (BOM) for every configuration made on the platform. This gives the operations team the power of knowing exactly which materials will be needed for incoming orders.

By improving the sales forecast with CPQ, you can use the data of product inquiries and configurations to determine and optimize the acquisition and production schedules. Your teams will get a better overview of the possible incoming orders, giving them the opportunity to purchase raw materials at the most profitable price, to avoid delays in production due to materials shortages, and to work in a more cost-effective way!

Operations Supply Chain

Do you want to work more efficiently?