Benefits of CPQ software for the sales departments

Are your sales teams struggling to sell complex products in an efficient way? Are you spending a lot of time preparing quotes, checking configurations with engineering, and calculating the correct prices? Have you already lost customers because your sales process is awfully long?

Spend more time selling

Time is money. Any wasted time could mean wasted money.

With Hive’s CPQ software, your sales teams can spend their time more wisely. They will no longer have to spend days on emailing back and forth with R&D or engineering to check the validity of configurations, or with the back office to check the product’s stock levels or prices. The configurator immediately validates compositions and gives an indication of the price based on the most recent information.

Your sales teams will also no longer lose time finding product information. CPQ software holds all marketing material, installation guides, quote templates, delivery information and more.

Create a faster sales cycle and spend more time selling!

Sales More Time Selling

Create highly visual quotes in one click

Create customized quotes for configurable products in Hive. Our CPQ software will immediately fill out the quote templates with the accurate product information, prices, and 3D models. Stun your customers with highly visual quotes!

Increase the conversion rates by striking the iron while it’s hot. Generate the quote in one click on Hive instead of spending hours on configuring and calculating prices. Don’t leave your customers waiting on a quote, send them a proposal instantly!

Sales Highly Visual Quotes
Visualisation 1
Visualisation 2
Visualisation 3
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Visualisation 5

Eliminate mistakes and improve the customer experience with interactive 3D models

Configure real-time 3D visuals of your product on Hive! The 3D models are interactive and immediately display any changes made in the configuration. This eliminates errors and waste in production.

Let your customers discover the different options of your product in 3D. The guided selling tools in Hive will help them find the exact configuration they’re looking for.

Make it easy for your customers to buy complex products online. Lower the churn rate, attract new customers, and improve the customer experience.

Increase the sales efficiency

Integrate our CPQ software with the tools you’re already using (ERP, CRM, PIM…). By connecting these solutions, you create an automated sales process. Avoid having to manually re-enter data to save time and eliminate mistakes.

Sales Efficiency

Start selling more!

A CPQ software allows your sales teams to automate any repetitive, administrative tasks so they can focus on sales. More time can be spent on finding new customers, upselling or cross-selling to existing customers, and creating an efficient sales process.

This results in a significant increase in the sales volume!

Give your sales teams therefore the CPQ software they need to start selling more!

Sales Start Selling More

Want to improve your sales process?