Benefits of CPQ software for the marketing department

Are you struggling to explain your product and its many different features and options to your customers? Do you want to improve the buying experience and increase the satisfaction and loyalty? Configure Price Quote software can help you build a new customer relationship

Make your products easy to understand

We know your product is not always easy to understand for the customer. A CPQ solution fixes that. CPQ software is equipped with guided selling tools, that help users find and configure the desired product. The use of 3D visualization further improves the understanding of your complex products. Let customers play with different options and discover the ins and outs of your products.

Marketing Easy to understand

Improve the customer experience

With CPQ software, customers have easy access to your product range, to all features, and to accurate prices. They can now enjoy an improved customer experience with:

  • Faster responses on their requests,
  • A digital self-service platform tailored to their needs,
  • And accurate and fast quotes, speeding up the decision process.
Marketing Customer Experience

Share your marketing material and quotes with customers

Upload any marketing material to the CPQ platform to share it with your sales team, distributors, and customers. Quotes can be used as a marketing tool as well: create attractive templates with the correct brand image and let sales representatives personalize the quote if needed. Working together on Configure Price Quote will also improve the alignment between marketing and sales.

Marketing Share your Material

Extend CPQ with your marketing software

To get the most out of CPQ software, you should integrate it with your existing technological environment. Watch your product data come to life in CPQ through the connection with your PIM or DAM, for example. Or use HiveConnect to automate the lead intake, and to trigger emails. CPQ makes your marketing more efficient.

Marketing Extend CPQ

Want to improve your customer experience?