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Benefits of CPQ software for your customers

How will your customers experience Hive CPQ? Would you like to improve your relationship with them and boost their satisfaction? Would you like to let them configure and order their own products online?

Let your customers configure their own products

Configure, Price, Quote software simplifies the purchasing process for your customers. Customers can now configure their own products in a digital environment. They can change the products according to their wishes in an attractive 3D model. Configurations will also immediately be validated. This creates a better customer relationship: your distributors will be happy to do business with you!

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Guided selling helps your customers find what they’re looking for

Guided selling is a process that guides potential buyers to the appropriate product that meets their needs and actively drives them to a buying decision to increase conversion rates.

CPQ software has guided selling tools to support your customers and sales representatives in making the right choice. By asking targeted questions, CPQ refines the choice to products that really suit the customer, thus simplifying the buying process.

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Work with the right prices and generate quotations instantly

Manually calculating prices or generating quotations takes a lot of time and effort. CPQ software allows you to manage prices in various scenarios, including block pricing, pricing based on margins and costs, pre-agreed rates per customer, volume discounts and more. This gives your customers immediate insight into the most recent and accurate price for their configured product.

Afterwards, customers can generate their own quotations in one click. CPQ places all product and price information per order in an attractive quotation template so your customers don't have to wait and so you can gather all information on one platform for a reliable follow-up.

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Don't make your customers wait: Let them order right away

Besides configuring products and generating quotations themselves, customers can also place their own orders via CPQ software. They can then follow up their orders online so they don't have to rely on your customer service department for updates. CPQ will seamlessly transfer the validated information to your ERP, CRM, CAD or other systems. This way you enjoy an automated order intake and your customer enjoys a smooth and easy purchase process!

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No more wrong spare parts thanks to Hive CPQ

Hive CPQ creates an exploded view of each configured product, so that if any part of the product is damaged, the spare part can be easily found. The serial number allows customers to quickly place a new order, which eliminates frustrations in the search for the right piece or accidentally ordering the wrong spare part.

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Create a better relationship with your customers

Spending time developing or delivering the wrong products is a waste of time and resources. It's not a good way to become a trusted supplier. Clear communication from the beginning will improve the relationship with your customers. CPQ software ensures that all options can be discussed.

Make sure your sales representatives have the right tools to help your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. CPQ software can anticipate every possible scenario in pricing and streamlines the quotation process. The more accurate the proposed configuration and quote, the more trust you will enjoy from your customers.

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Ready for a better customer relationship?

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