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NEW: The Hive Experience Configurator

Welcome to the future of lead generation. We are launching the Hive Experience Configurator, a new way of generating qualified leads with active purchase intent straight from your website. Align your marketing and sales processes with the actions performed by your prospects on your configurator to increase conversion and closing rates. Use our experience configurator to sell more (efficiently)!

November 09, 2022 Written by
Vera Vingerhoets

What is the Hive Experience Configurator?

The Hive Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software has been helping manufacturers all over the world to simplify and grow their sales for the past five years. However, there was still a side of CPQ and product configuration we had not discovered yet: a tool for lead generation.

This would allow manufacturers to embed a product configurator directly on their website,
so visitors could immediately start configuring the products. We noticed that a lot of our customers and prospects were actively looking for a solution like this, so we decided to act on this market demand and build the Hive Experience Configurator.

The Hive Experience Configurator is designed to be embedded on websites and makes configuring complex products easier than ever with dynamic 3D models and guided selling tools. This allows our customers to not only use Hive CPQ for everyday sales with their distribution network, but also for collecting qualified leads directly from the website.

Why is the Hive Experience Configurator a must have?

This configurator focuses on providing the most user-friendly experience, even for people with few technical product knowledge. It allows website visitors to:

  • Configure and personalize products with ease in 3D
  • Share configurations using a unique code
  • Take their unique code to the showroom to get assistance from sales reps
  • Request a quote online

Adding an experience configurator to your website has great benefits. Let’s take a look at the main advantages:

  • Qualified lead generation: Implementing this solution allows you to instantly capture leads with active purchase intent from your website. It gives your sales and marketing teams the opportunity to identify these leads and to engage with them in a personalized manner, increasing closing rates.
  • Increase conversion rates: Set yourself apart from the competition by investing in a high-quality product configurator and let website visitors interact with your products online to grow conversion rates.
  • Target new audiences: By adding a product configurator to your website, you are no longer limiting your business to your distributors. Target your end customers directly and help them find the solution they’re looking for.

Experience configurator best practices

These companies have already chosen to implement the Hive experience configurator and are reaping the benefits.

Japy Tech

This French manufacturer of dairy refrigerated tanks generates new leads with their online product configurator on the website.

configure your Japy cooling tank


Dynaco, a European premium brand in high-speed industrial doors, uses
the experience configurator to help end customers find the product they
need on their website.

configure your Dynaco door

Interested in the Hive experience configurator?

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