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Welcome to Hive, Simon and Victor!

Our Hive team keeps growing! We’re very happy to welcome Simon and Victor to our team as interns on sales and marketing.

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March 22, 2022 Written by

Meet our new bees: Simon and Victor

Simon’s focus will mainly be on marketing. He’s currently finishing his SME Management degree at HoGent, while running his own small business in selling limited and rare sneakers. As a sneakerhead, he often finds it hard to sell the sneakers because he’d prefer to keep them all himself! In his free time, he likes going out with friends, listening to techno music, and hanging out with his cat Minou.

Victor is joining us on sales. He’s currently studying Business Administration at the Ghent University, specializing in commercial management. He’s a big sports lover: he’s been playing basketball for 17 years (#GoLions!) and he loves riding his bike. He enjoys spending his free time watching basically any sport.

Some quick-fire questions for the newbees

  • Summer or winter?
    Simon: Winter by far, it's ski season!
    Victor: Summer
  • Morning person or night owl? 
    Simon: Morning person 
    Victor: Night owl
  • iOS or Android? 
    Simon: Android 
    Victor: iOS

I’m so excited to be working at Hive. My interest and experience in IT in combination with being a creative entrepreneur makes this company the perfect place for me! I couldn’t have wished for a better place. The team was so welcoming and helpful, and I love the international and ambitious character of the company. I’m finally getting ready for the ‘real life’ after being a student!


My first impressions from Hive were really positive! It’s a young company with a lot of kind and sympathetic colleagues. I leave my house every morning super excited to start the day, so I’m very happy I get to be an intern at Hive!


Welcome to the team, guys!

Want to join our ambitious team?

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